World Bank to help with city projects

In a major boost towards ideation and implementation of public welfare schemes in the city, the Delhi government will receive technical assistance from the World Bank in nine categories, including water management, transport and climate change, among others.

The World Bank conveyed its decision this week in a letter to the Delhi government. ??We will work closely with the World Bank in nine categories, including Mission Convergence, water management, transport, climate change, land and housing. The technical assistance will be free of cost, which otherwise would have been very expensive,?? Delhi Chief Secretary Rakesh Mehta said.

The discussion with the World Bank was going on for almost a year now. The first meeting took place when Chief Secretary Mehta visited Washington in July last year. Following that, the World Bank had paid a three-day visit to the government in September last year.

To promote public transport, the World Bank will be carrying out studies with the Delhi government. According to the suggestions put forth by the World Bank at present, the government needs to subsidise 40 per cent of the transport fare, which would translate into a Rs 300-crore burden on the government exchequer.

The World Bank will also be working on fare integration of all modes of mass transport in the city, as well as automatic fare collection. Another project the Bank will be working on is parking policy.

The social protection unit of the World Bank is also in talks with the government regarding Delhi??s much-touted Mission Convergence. The Bank will provide assistance in bringing out the smart card as part of the scheme, which will allow availing of all social benefits through one card.

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